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What would you do if you
discovered a poem in you?
And if your life were a poem?

…And as you grew, you discovered your path to self-fulfillment, improving continually on your own model. What would you do if you realized that the poetic life is your authentic self fully expressing your own radiance. You realize this is never-ending process. There is always more to clear, so to reveal—your truth, your virtue, your eternality.

You have heard great singers praise their eternality in poetry. You have heard mystics speak of every word and breath as sacred. You have known your own epiphanies that brought you to wonder and awe at the immense beauty of the world. Now you know such sentiments speak of your own truth.

When you walk in your resonance,
you become a gift to the world!

Each of you is a complete poem, a never-ending and continually unfolding poem. It is my joy to remind you of the beautiful through accessing and expressing your creative core.

As a creative person, I know that I am most at peace when I am either in the midst of giving an idea visual form or being fully authentically creative in each moment aware of myself. When I am off kilter, I feel at odds with the world and with myself—things do not go so well then. But we spiral continually, sometimes revisiting old patterns and behaviors. Painful though this may be, such moments are opportunities for fuller immersion into our essence and our creative power.

Hence, my unique proposition: Create—! wherein an idea is made manifest through sheer force of knowledge and of action. Life is an excavating of our self of beliefs and re-creating our Self with wisdom.

Let’s truly release blocks and connect with Source!

Elegance of healing processes helps us to further the intimate connection with Source as we harmonize our singular and unique resonance with the world. This self-creating (autopoesis) is an interweave reminding us of our inter-relatedness with all sentient beings.

Are we not intimately inter-connected?

With much disturbance in our environments—immediate, near, and far away—it is of utmost necessity to have more opportunities for such unfoldment. At Golden Matrix Visions, I hope to provide such an environment for you through expressions, sessions, links, blog, radio, and who knows what magic reveals.

Here’s to forging new paradigms, to unfolding your unique beauty in a dynamic Lila or divine play! Native American wisdom says that when someone gives you a gift, it becomes a gift only when it is passed on to another! This is path to the Bodhisattva.

Poetry is a path to fulfillment. Your authentic expression is your gift. Generosity is giving of that jewel, being the Bodhisattva — Practice being a gift!


I want to guide you back into your body!

KNOW Freedom from pain, fear, trauma

BE Cleared of past, present, and future interference and distractions

– FIND peace and strength in times of chaos, change and transition

– ACCESS your radiant core self and Enhance your unique creative ways

– EMBODY your human potential. If you feel fragmented and broken, reach me for solutions. If you simply want more joy, love, creativity, health in your lovely life, FIND ME.

BE freed from mental, physical, emotional, psychic, & spiritual trauma and effects.

Let’s connect

In our distraught times, many feel out of synch with their purpose. Many feel lost or broken.  This leaves them Disembodied and Distracted. I am here to  remove and clear blocks from lineage or religious teachings OR effects of childhood diseases.  I am here to source blocks and clear them from YOUR emotional and physical bodies. As a spiritual and medical intuitive, my process learned from master teachers achieves quick results. Let’s connect and achieve quick results. Together we can do so much more.

To get a taste, call for a 15-min. free consultation.