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Reaching Out – Connecting Within

“Ambika Talwar hails from India where a long lineage of mystic poets, such as Kabir, Mirabai, or Tagore, are loved and revered for centuries. Her powerfully evocative poems are infused with the same free and independent spirit of Mirabai. The beauty of her poetry has a touch of a higher ambrosial world and she brings the fragrance of that world to our world through her exquisite poems. All true poets are messengers of higher worlds, and Ambika is no exception. Through many of her poems she brings us messages of truth, of that ecstatic silence and silent ecstasy, in singularly beautiful dances of words that bear the unique signature of her soul.”
— Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Author, Think Kosmically, Act Globally and The Book of Balance, New York

“Ambika is a spiritual change agent who dances all around forward and back inviting people to come out when they are ready…and leads the way…. And who can melt cold unhealthy armor imposed by previous conditioning. She is devious and playful – it is very lovely!”
— Wayne Hayden-Moreland, Pierre, South Dakota

“You have the most lyrical, dreamy, magical voice . . . !” (of the CD Healing Infusions)
— Rahmie Valentine, Chinese medicine practitioner, Theta healer and practitioner, S. Carolina

“In Ambika’s poetry I hear a very old voice, from long poetic tradition, even as if sung or chanted—and simultaneously a very current voice, of our time, conversational. Both are intimate, immediate, compelling.”
— Kath Abela Wilson, Organizer Poets On Site, Poet, Pasadena, CA

“Ambika’s poetry is musical; it flows from one line to the next, one thought to all thoughts, feeling to essence, and before you get to the bottom of the page, you are transformed.”
— Theresa Antonia, Psychotherapist-Documentarian-Poet, Los Angeles

“Ambika’s bewitching presence triggered a release of energy in my body. The energy flows from heaven to earth, going through various channels in my body for clearing, healing and transformation. She also does it via her wild and powerful poems. If you need a great subtle energy lightworker, you can’t miss Ambika’s service.”
— Bob Yu, Web programmer, Montreal, Canada

” . . . as for the healing, the one thing that comes to mind is how the time I spent with you during the healing instilled a higher place of peace in me and left me instantaneously feeling relief of the discomfort I was having for an extended period of time.”
— Kevin Rafferty, CEO & Super Coach, Murrieta, California


“I got to know Ambika last year-as a great personality, she made a big impression on me immediately. She was able to say very wise things to each of us, and when I some months later got some problems with my eyes, it was natural for me to call her on the phone for help and advice. Unfortunately, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and she in Los Angeles, so I have not been able to follow it up; otherwise, I would have loved to be in one of her courses.”
— Bodil Bierring, Foreign languages teacher, Denmark

“Ambika’s presence, grace, and passion for her work is a gift. I was inspired and filled with gratitude! I highly recommend her programs to anyone wanting more joy in their life.”
— Dr. John Amaral, Chiropractor & Holistic Practitioner, San Francisco, California



“Mad! One must become mad with love to realize God. When one attains ecstatic love of God, all the pores of the skin, even the roots of the hair, become like so many sex organs, and in every pore the aspirant enjoys the happiness of communion with the supreme universal self.” ~ Ramakrishna


I want to guide you back into your body!

KNOW Freedom from pain, fear, trauma

BE Cleared of past, present, and future interference and distractions

– FIND peace and strength in times of chaos, change and transition

– ACCESS your radiant core self and Enhance your unique creative ways

– EMBODY your human potential. If you feel fragmented and broken, reach me for solutions. If you simply want more joy, love, creativity, health in your lovely life, FIND ME.

BE freed from mental, physical, emotional, psychic, & spiritual trauma and effects.

Let’s connect

In our distraught times, many feel out of synch with their purpose. Many feel lost or broken.  This leaves them Disembodied and Distracted. I am here to  remove and clear blocks from lineage or religious teachings OR effects of childhood diseases.  I am here to source blocks and clear them from YOUR emotional and physical bodies. As a spiritual and medical intuitive, my process learned from master teachers achieves quick results. Let’s connect and achieve quick results. Together we can do so much more.

To get a taste, call for a 15-min. free consultation.